The epic series of books that cover how life feeds itself, from single cells to modern humans.

What is my optimum diet?
Who am I?

Have you ever asked these questions? If so, you should read this series of books entitled The First Supper.

In these books, Luke Comer narrates how humans evolved to acquire food and nutrients in their environment. Along the way you learn so much about your origins–how your eyes evolved to see foods in your environment; how your limbs evolved to move towards and capture that food. You learn how your tastebuds evolved to detect nutrients; and how your gut evolved to digest your food into nutrients. Finally, you learn how your cells utilize nutrients to give you energy, growth and maintenance.

You also learn how evolution designed your mind to acquire food–that is, how your cognition and sociality, including your sense of morality and empathy, evolved to help you hunt and gather food in your environment–and then process, store, share and trade that food with your community.

Through this series of books, you learn how evolution designed you in relationship to your diet–which thus helps you answer two of the greatest questions ever posed: What is my optimum diet? And who am I? You can then use that knowledge to better the quality of life for yourself and your community.

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