Please see below for links to papers written on various subjects pertinent to The First Supper.  These papers were not written for publication, but for our internal process, so they may or may not be refined and edited; some of them even still contain notes.  However, they do contain valuable and comprehensive information for people interested in these topics and we are thus happy to share them.


Classical Greece FoodwaysMesopotamia FoodwaysMongolian FoodwaysUS Colonies Foodways

Foodways Reconstruction


Hazda FoodwaysInuit FoodwaysPlains Indians Foodways

Hominoids (non human)

Australopithecus & Ardipithecus FoodwaysEarly Homo Foodways: Habilis & RudolfensisHomo Erectus FoodwaysHomo Floresiensis FoodwaysHomo Neanderthalensis FoodwaysKlasies FoodwaysLate Homo Foodways: Antecessor & Rhodesiensis


US 19th to 21st Century Foodways

Monkeys and Apes (non human)

Baboon FoodwaysCapuchin FoodwaysChimpanzee FoodwaysGorilla FoodwaysHowler Monkey FoodwaysOrangutan FoodwaysSpider Monkey Foodways


Fatty AcidModern Foods: Sugar, Plant Oils, Bread, BeerProtein